Travel Day


The day that I look forward to on every job I get sent out on, because I get to go home to my family and sleep in my own bed.

It is a glorious day.

Wonderful day.

Long day.

Especially since I always feel guilty by just traveling on my travel day, so I tend to have a later flight out so I can help if needed. Sometimes it is appreciated, sometimes not so much.

This trip was fun on several different levels, one my home got more snow than I did this time, which is really weird considering that I’ve been in Canada for the past three weeks; two, I was able to experience the Olympics from a whole different vantage point. I think the president of the United States should do the same, because it will show him what it is like to have actual pride in your country, instead of apologizing for whatever. The pride shown by all the Canadians that I met was amazing. For example, the four to six hours that they were actually at the top of the medal table were hours spent in celebration. Truly remarkable and fun to watch.

The Canadians are very friendly, to a fault almost. Except maybe, when they don’t know a citizen of the US is listening. Just kidding.

So now here I sit waiting for my plane, watching people, thinking I wonder what kind of story I could write about that person, or that family…

Off to take notes..