The Beginning


This is the beginning of Trust of the Innocent my new blog where I take the time, hopefully daily, to spew forth various thoughts and the like here on these pages where I can later reflect upon them when I am an old man and am curious as to what I was like as a middle-aged man.

That being said, it must be said that I have blogged before, and eventually I will share the link to that blog, but for now I want this to be its own separate entity where I can be relatively anonymous, which is a joke especially since I think this will be linking to Facebook and Twitter and some of you may have been curious enough to venture over to find out what exactly this is about.

Well, this is about, um, I’m really not sure yet. Part of me wants to do politics (scary), while another part wants it to be memoir, while a third part seems to want this to be about magic and Disney, or maybe just the magic of Disney since I really don’t know any magic. A fourth part is looking at this as being an avenue for getting the writing going again, because I feel like that part of my life has stagnated and I really don’t want it to be stagnant. So that means original masterpieces by yours truly.

Quit laughing, I’m serious.

I am also trying to master the WordPress way of blogging, and to see if I like it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Blogger version and plan to keep up with my blog over there as well – maybe even a little cross posting will be in order, who knows. As for now, like I said, they will remain separate parts of the whole me.

Maybe I should start another six blogs and then there will be eight parts of myself, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Probably not.


I think I have exhausted myself at this point, besides I need to use the restroom and start watching some football, (go Colts and Eagles).

Fear not though, I will return.