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We all start out with one.

Then we take our first breathes and away we go, but where do we go, nobody knows. Or do they? What if someone was manipulating you and everything you do from behind the scenes and we are all just actors in a play of someone else’s mind?

Could you escape such a place, knowing that to do so would pretty much violate any rules of logic and maybe even science? What kind of paradox would occur, would you see yourself as what you have been led to believe was you? Or would you realize that you are nothing more than a singular atom in the midst of a life-changing event that will occur to someone else?

Why do these questions come up from time to time? Am I the only one that ever thinks like this? Does ‘Joe Mechanic’ down at the garage ever wonder why he does what he does and where he came from and whether or not anyone or thing is actually controlling him? Does ‘Suzy Homemaker’ ever get a glimpse outside the cage that she has called home for all her years? Does she see shadows of objects that are impossible to explain, let alone see, but in the corner of her eye she sees “something”.

How is it possible that the mind plays such tricks on some people yet others it just lets them be? Are others just “extras” in our lives and they really have no life, like you would think they do? Does the maid from the hotel after she leaves for the day drive into a location where she will be used the next time you run into her? What about the restaurants, do they actually serve food there? Or is all a ruse of fourth dimensional thought that lets you think there is something good cooking in that kitchen? Maybe the reason you chose McDonald’s over Wendy’s, even though in your mind you like Wendy’s more, is because the crew forgot to show up for work that day or because you are ‘travelling’ through a ‘remote’ town, there really is no need for you to ever see the Wendy’s because your mind has already been made up by the child that is playing with their matchbox car, which happens to look exactly like the one you drive, and since he doesn’t like Wendy’s but loves him some Chicken McNuggets, well.

So, what does it all mean?

I don’t know, you tell me.



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