Is it possible to use sign language to yell at someone while driving? You know, say someone cuts you off and you decide to have a conversation – one way of course – via ASL (American Sign Language) instead of using say, a couple of fingers? Can you imagine the look on the person that you are “yelling” at as they watch you through their rear view mirror. Imagine still that they are entranced by your superior skills at talking with your hands that they forget they are driving…

You know where that is going right?

You will toot your car horn happily as they try to explain why they ran into the car that was stopped in front of them. Sign language is cool like that.


Ever wonder where the bible verses that are placed on billboards are coming from? I mean I am no biblical scholar, but I’m pretty sure that some people are taking some serious liberty with the words inspired by God.


Why do we continue to follow and allow ourselves to be led by incompetent boobs that insist they know what is better for us and that we should continually give them more and more money so that they can continue bringing us some obscene abstract laws that really do not have a thread of common sense involved with them and… crap, I totally forgot where I was going with that.

Oh yeah I remember now.

Politicians suck!

There I said it, they suck suck suckety suck suck. I mean if they really cared maybe they should work for FREE!

That’s right, if they really did care for and about the country that they supposedly do, then maybe they should quit filling their coffers with contributors cash. You know, do their civic duty and do it gratis. No money honey.

Oh and term limits are ESSENTIAL!

Three terms for the House.

ONE term for the Senate

Two terms for the President.

That’s it.

Also get rid of those awesome retirement accounts that they don’t contribute any of their own money to, and that we the people have to pay.


Construction is fun, especially when your kitchen is what is under construction and what will be under construction for at least the next six to eight weeks. There will be a lot of crock pot cooking and microwave cooking and take out. I, conveniently, will be out-of-town for at least half of it.

I didn’t plan it that way. Honest.


The conference championships in football are this weekend – Sunday, in fact. The first game will pit the new England Patriots, led my Tom Brady against my beloved Denver Broncos, led by Peyton F. Manning. His middle name does not start with an F I am pretty sure, but we are all so amazed by his amazing quarterbacking skills, that we use “for unlawful carnal knowledge” as an adjective in there for all of his freaking amazing-ness.

Got it? Good.

The nightcap features two teams that really have a great rivalry going on, from the coaches (bad blood from when they were coaching at rival colleges – Stanford and USC), to the fans, to the rivalry between two friends at quarterback – they get along so well that they bet eyebrows over their games.

Ha! I just reread that last paragraph and I laugh at the way I wrote it, so much so, that I am not changing a thing.

You’re welcome.

Anyway, the San Francisco 49ers travel to Seattle to play the Seahawks, which should be quite the defensive battle even with their explosive young quarterbacks.

I am going with Denver (surprise!) and San Francisco (I believe an upset is a brewing in the Pacific Northwest) meeting in the Super Bowl. This year it is XLVIII, I believe. Can’t wait for that Super Bowl L in two years. This will be a rematch of one of the worst super bowls ever, at least in my humble opinion, when the 49ers DESTROYED my Broncos by the score of 55-10.

I cried a little there, sorry.





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