My daughter is on a robotics team. Pretty awesome, right?

I think so.

So I will now try to share my experiences from my first-ever meet, which means I may sound a bit jumbled and lost.

Go figure.

I have had a son play baseball, which for the levels he went through constituted sitting on hard bleachers or lawn chairs for several hours while the kids learned the trade from parents that think we know how to play the game, and can teach it to our children. I’m not big on sitting on bleachers for long periods of time, so I volunteered to coach, mostly as a base coach and some one that would help warm up the kids arms. Eventually the fun waned for him, or maybe we forgot to sign him up too many times. Anyway, we won a championship, so it wasn’t all too bad.

Son number two didn’t want to play baseball – too boring, I guess. His game was soccer. Now this is a sport that I used to play growing up and I still follow the sport watching mostly the EPL, whenever I can find a game.. The World Cup is a big deal in my house and hopefully the United States will have a championship caliber team this year, because that would be freaking awesome. Anyway, so with son number two he grew up playing soccer and I coached. We had some awesome seasons, and maybe one bad one, a really bad one. Oh well, you can’t win them all. He also delved into gymnastics, and was pretty good at that.

My oldest daughter upped the ante and played basketball, volleyball and softball. When she started playing softball it was like with my oldest son, three hours of fun in the sun watching the girls try to hit, pitch and field. Like with my son, we also would forget to sign her up, but unlike him, she did play it again in high school. In high school the games were at a much quicker pace and lots of fun, although some days were a bit chilly. Volleyball and basketball were two more fast-paced games that I started getting into, heck I even refereed a match when the official referee was late. I learned a lot about volleyball since my two oldest daughters both played it. Volleyball and basketball were played indoors at least, unlike track and field which is a long, cold experience. At least it was while my middle daughter participated in it.

Currently it looks like sons three and four are really into gymnastics, which is pretty cool. The meets are indoors and, so far, aren’t too long. I have to admit that I really got into it though.

I think I will end this post here as the activity level increased suddenly, to more than just a couple of high schoolers playing with the microphones. Back later.


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