Robots Deux


First off, we had to get to the location at 7:30am.

Drivers meeting is at 9:30.

Competition started at 9:45.

Confusion reigns. For me anyway.


That is what a robotics field looks like.


Robots in action.

The field consisted of two teams, which form an alliance, going against another two teams. One team is red and the other is blue. There are three fields which are worth a certain amount of points, no idea, but I will put a link in here somewhere that will explain it. Basically you want all your balls, red or blue, in the zone furthest from the drivers. There are also two, for lack of a better word, buckets that you can either put your small balls into, or put the large ball on top of. In the zone closest to the drivers there are hanging bars that you can also try to get your robot to hang from. Apparently this is a big deal because when a team (my daughter’s) got theirs to hang, the roar of the crowd was pretty awesome.

Currently we are in the middle of a lunch break, which is why I have the time to write this. I have to admit getting caught up a little in the chaos of the moment, especially when team Cobalt is on the field.

Okay back to the competition. The match starts with a fifteen second autonomous competition, where the programmer is driving the robot autonomously. It is interesting seeing how many robots don’t even seem to work during this period. It could be anything from a programming glitch or a battery failure, or just poor programming. Every match, so far, our robot has gotten two red balls over and one small ball in the bucket. Call me impressed. The girl programming the Cobalt robot is a genius, to say the least and is a junior in high school, I think.

After the autonomous round the teams have one minute, forty-five seconds to drive the robot around and get as many points as possible. This is where having a good driver comes in handy. Proud moment my daughter is a good driver, along with her BFF, and they are in eighth grade. I imagine she’ll use that as a reference come this fall when she gets her drivers permit. We’ll see.

Like I said, the morning round is over and round two starts in a little bit 12:30, where they will try to improve their 4-0-0 record with 8 WPs (winning points) and 49 SPs (strength points), which are points that serve as a strength of schedule cans separates the teams that are tied in the win/loss column. Think point differential in soccer. They currently sit in a tie for fourth with a team that has already played five matches to their four.

More in part three…


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