Snow is beautiful, well fresh snow is. That snow that is still hanging around in April and is grey and black – not so beautiful.

I love snow. I love the silence a snow storm brings it is very peaceful. Sometimes while shoveling the snow I will take a break and just listen to the silence. It is remarkable how quiet a snow storm is. Of course there are thunder snow storms which are not quiet, and they can freak you out just a bit, especially if you never have experienced one. I can remember my first thunder snow and with the first flashes of lightning, I thought that maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, but when you hear the thunder rolling, you get a different feeling altogether.

Snow is also very deceptive.

Snow is deceptive when you look out at it on your driveway and think that won’t be two bad to shovel. Three hours later, you do not have those thoughts anymore. Snow id deceptive and hides important things; it hides the ice on the sidewalk that you are walking upon, it can hide holes in the ground. Sometimes it can even hide a road, or what you thought was a road. Then, once you realize that you are not on a road, you have several choices; you can continue to try and drive on, through the ruts and mounds of a dormant corn field. You can try to turn yourself around and get back to where the road that isn’t, turns into a parking area that is.

The bumping and jostling that a motor vehicle takes while driving across the mound that on day will support corn or soy beans, or whatever crop the farmer wants the following season. Because of the bumping along, you want to slow down, however once you slow down; you know that you’ll get stuck. So you deal with the bumps and carry on, while secretly and under your breath, you mumble a simple cadence of “don’t slow down, don’t slow down,” to hopefully give the motor vehicle the encouragement it requires, wants, desires, so that it will continue to chug along.

Forty feet. 

Thirty feet.

Ten feet.

I just might make this.

Three feet. The motor vehicle slows too much.

One foot, the vehicle stops.


Escape plans for cars stuck in the snow are pretty straight forward, you slowly try to inch your way forward, then use the momentum of the vehicle coming backwards into the rut, to place the car in reverse and you slowly try to back out. Once again, once the momentum stops, you place the vehicle in drive and hope that you will get a little further.





Give it a little more gas, you can feel the front end starting to sink a little bit, so against your better judgement, you give it just a little more gas.

It’s not getting loose. the wheels spin of their own free will because there is no friction from the ground to slow them, it reminds you of a stationary bike. You acquire some cat litter and a new shovel, neither seem to help, since the vehicle just won’t move.

At all.


Time to call the big guns and hope it doesn’t take four days like it did for your co-workers van, because of the really bad storm. No thunder, no lightning, just snow and wind. Oh there was wind,lots of wind.

The snow wasn’t silent that night.


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